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Magazines First Issues (Volume 1 #1s) Collection

Collection (possibly world's largest) of 6,000+ all different circa earliest 1800s to near present, including "Fortune", "Playboy", "Esquire", "New Yorker", "Sports Illustrated" and 100s other important seminal issues; all in very good condition and all 100% complete. Does not include comics or men's magazines meant to be one-shots. Some in original mailing envelopes, some have prospectuses, some have dummy issues. Each neatly bagged. Incredible lifelong collection.


German Illustrated Magazine: "DER SPIEGEL"

70 thick bound volumes of about 750 different issues from the 1960s &1970s, with ads bound in. High quality production & graphics. Similar to "Life"/"Time" combined. Full of photos & art on events of the period: Royalty, disasters, movies, sports, etc. Bindings all matching green heavy-duty cloth; and, ex-library. All in fine condition, not circulated! About 15 feet of shelf & heavy.


Photography Magazines

5,000 photography magazines dating 1890s-present (more newer than older) of at least 50 different titles, including rare to common. All have their covers as issued. No "Camera Work" but some resemble it. Condition mostly fine. Includes small amount of annuals & specials, too. Some titles: "Photo Miniature", "Kodakery", "Picture" etc., etc.


Martial Arts Magazines

Group of 438 issues of many titles dating 1968 to early 1990s. All standard 8" x 11" format & highly illustrated, some color. Includes annuals & specials. Lots of Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris. Some titles: 'Black Belt", "Inside Karate", "Inside Kung-Fu", "Karate Illustrated", etc. All good condition with covers.


"Methodist Review Magazine"

"METHODIST REVIEW MAGAZINE" About 350 different rare quarterly etc. issues bound in 78 old thick leather volumes dating 1826-1913. Published NYC. Many portraits in the early volumes. All issues very good condition, bindings various. 14 feet shelf.


Radio Magazines, old.

136 different issues of "Popular Radio", "Electrical Merchandising", "Radio Craft", "Radio Retailing", "Radio Today", etc. dating 1922-1940. Also includes 26 radio catalogs, repair manuals, show promotions, flyers, instructions. Condition fair to fine. All in full original covers as issued.

$1,000. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

Song Magazines

212 Song magazines (words to songs played on old-time radio records, TV) circa mostly 1930s to 1960s including some rock-n-roll. Famous stars on the covers & pictures inside, too. Various sizes, some framable! Hard to find now.

$1,000. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

TV GUIDE Magazine

266 different early issues of 1957--1963 of New England & Eastern N.E. editions. Rare--no address labels & most crossword puzzles un-used. Includes many scarce issues & 6 Fall Previews. Mostly in good condition, with all covers. All from one home.


"Rolling Stone" Magazines

Huge accumulation/collection of 2,500+ issues dating from Vol. 1 in 1967 to near present. Lots of the early 11½"x17" newspaper/tabloid style format issues included & also the rare & most desirable issues included. Mostly very good condition, with all their covers. All profusely illustrated. Framable covers. All purchased from original sources over past 25 years by us & put away carefully.


Sports Car Magazine, Old

426 all different issues of 2 titles, all difficult to find & desirable: 335 "Autosport" of 1952--1970, published at London; & 91 "Sports Car", Published by Sports Car Club of America at, Westport, Conn, of 1956--1965. All profusely illustrated; complete with all original covers & 1,000s ads. All very good condition.

$6,500. for all

Penthouse Magazine Collection

Rare complete set of the 1st 20 Years of "Penthouse" Magazine from Volume 1#1 of September 1969 through December 1988 - 228 all different issues. All issues very good, complete condition. Collection also includes all posters & calendars issued with the magazines over the years & some specials. Instant research collection.


Playboy Magazine Collections

"PLAYBOY" Magazine: Complete Set from Januaray 1956 through January 2000 = 529 all different, complete issues (44 complete years!) ALSO 50+ more related items: 1st parody ("Plowboy") 1957; early specials, club item etc. Collection includes ALL the VARGAS color cheesecake pictures issued. All items very good condition. Instant Collection! $10,000. plus shipping/insurance.

ALSO available: Group of 314 different 1965--1992 near complete; and, all issues complete inside; but, not top condition. $4,000

TIME Magazine

Very long run of 871 all different issues from April 1939 to Dec. 1955 complete, bound in 67 matching hardcover books, filling 11 feet of shelf! All the great Sports & Movie issue covers all bound in, as well as all the ads & articles. All in near new condition. Small library rubber stamp on some issue covers.


Rare Stock Market Magazines: "Business Conditions Weekly"

1,664 different issues from April 16, 1927 through March 30, 1944 near complete (includes extra & supplementary issues) in 16 original publisher's binders. Rich, attractive appearance, covering in depth the1929 Crash & all other stock market history & transactions of this 17-year period.

$12,500. includes shipping and insurance.

"Antiques Magazine"

Complete set from Vol. 1- #1 of January 1922 up through June 1987 - 786 all different issues. 1922-1967 bound in 92 attractive books with all the issue covers & ads bound in. Newer issues in neat bundles by years. All issues & bindings near new condition. Would fill 17 feet of shelving. One person's original collection from the start!


Aviation Magazine

701 different issues bound in 64 thick black books: July 1940-Dec. 1959 near complete. Covers all of WWII. Published at Albany, NY in 8½"x11" size. 1,000s illustrations & ads throughout. Issues average 200-300 pages per. Exlibrary; but, no spine numbers. Would fill 12 feet of shelf.


"Popular Science Monthly" Magazine

Scarce group of 43 different issues in the large format 8 ½ x 11 ½ dating 1927-1934. All good to fine condition; but, 3 lack covers. Beautiful full-color SciFi art front covers; and, color art cigarete ads on backs + 100s internal illustrations in each issue. Issues are thick, printed on good paper. No address labels. The covers would be great framed!


"Model Railroader" Magazines

"MODEL RAILROADER" Magazines collection from one estate. 653 all different issues dating 1948-2007, all in FINE condition. About 10 feet of them! No address labels. Includes 3 Indexes: 1 publishers; 2 manuscript, unique covering Plans & Types of Plans (the later are worth the price)


Punch Magazine

Punch Magazine: Incredible 500+ bound-volume collection circa 1st issue in 1841 to World War II. Each book full of weekly issues & 100s finely crafted art illustrations of comic and/or political subjects of the time. Some in long, consistenty bound runs, others are seperate vols. or many. Many bindings are original publisher's pictorials. Some leatherbound. All issues in fine, clean, complete condition; bindings mostly very good. Old collection of fanatical collector.


Harper's Magazine

Harper's Magazine, NYC: 102 different single, never bound (rare this way) issues circa 1863-1883, all complete with all original wraps covers & the many ads never found in bound volumes. 1,000s wood engravings on incredible quantity of subjects. Also early Santas!


Birthday Magazines

Birthday Magazines: Give a "Life" Magazine to that special person, in the week & year born for only $35 postpaid. Please order 3 or more weeks in advance.

$35 postpaid

Country Music Tabloid Magazines

Country Music Tabloid Magazines: 315 all different scarce issues of 2 titles: "Music City News" & "Country Hot-Line News" dating 1971--1985. All published in Nashville, and all one man's subscription. For hardcore enthusiasts and music professionals. 1000's of pictures and ads of stars, articles. All nice condition.

$2,600. Includes shipping, insurance.

Gourmet Magazine

212 different fine early issues dating February 1942 through December 1959 complete except for 3 issues in 1950 -- 1952. the first 12 years are in original publisher's removable binders. All issues fine condition with all covers and ads. No address labels. Beautiful ads and illustrations. Indexes for 1941 -- 1948 included.


Wooden Boat Magazine

Long run of 155, all different, 1975-2004, in fine condition (2 lack front cover only). All are thick, profusely illustrated, quality publications. Also included is Index to Issues 1-78, and 8 original publisher binders for early issues. Monthly & bi-monthly.


Railroad Magazine

(Entitled "Railroad Stories" before September 1937.) 433 different issues dating 1933--1976. Before 1955, there are only 5 issues lacking. 1933 to 1954 are old style 'pulps' in 7"x10" format, thick, with framable full color art covers. All issues profusely illustrated. Most issues very good condition. All complete issues with all covers. Each contains photos, artwork, fiction, non-fiction, modeling, too.


Bruce Lee Collection

BRUCE LEE Collection: 67 different magazines with cover and/or content about him, all from 1990s. All clean, nice condition. Pile one foot tall. Includes: specials, one-shots, 1st issues.


Add 11 different old books about him for $750.00 Total.

"Drapers Record"

"DRAPERS RECORD" A Journal Devoted to Drapery, Outfitting, Upholstery Trades". 496 rare weekly issues bound in 20 early matching black leather volumes dating July 1889-December 1898 complete. Format 9" x 13". All original issue covers & the thousands of wonderful illustrated ads in them, too. 6 feet of heavy shelf.


Clocks/Jewelry: The Jeweler's Circular & Horological Review 'A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Interests of Watchmakers, Jewelers, Silversmiths...'

48 Consecutive issues (4,685 pages!) dating January 1887--December 1890, bound in 4 thick matching rich bright brown leather bindings in 10"x13" format. Quality publications with MANY THOUSANDS OF GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS & descriptions & prices suitable for reference, republication, enjoyment in the original venue. Published in NYC, RARE. All Fine condition.


The Illustrated London News

Incredible complete collection from Volume 1 #1 of May 14, 1842--through 1962 = 120-year consecutive run, or 6,240+ individual issues bound in over 300 large heavy folio books, many by the publisher. Many thousands of beautiful wood engravings fill the 19th Century issues; and, all the great events of history, inventions, celebrities, sports, crime, war (American Civil War, too & they were on the Confederate side) are recorded in picture and word. All on high-quality paper meant to last for centuries. Also includes the large, folding supplements & color items. Similar to America's "Harper's Weekly" in style & format.

The Entirety $600,000. plus basic shipping costs anywhere. Weight approximately 2 tons! Consecutive runs like this are virtually extinct.

White Pines Series of Architectual Monographs

Near complete set from Volume 1 #1 in 1915--Volume 26 in 1940, with 17 complete years included. All very good, clean condition in original wraps covers, never bound. High quality production & materials. Each full of quality photographs, artwork, plans of fine American home architecture. Format about 9" x 11". Issued bi-monthly. Each has a theme. Published at St. Paul & NYC. Long runs are rare.

$6,000. includes shipping, insurance, careful packing. Fully guaranteed to be authentic original publications.

Women's Rights/Suffrage

803 rare issues of "The UNION SIGNAL", 'Official Organ of the Women's National Christian Temperance Union', Mrs. Mary B. Willard, Editor. Published Chicago, weekly. Dates 1883-1905, being the majority of what was published. All very good condition. The set came from a famous American collection. Thousands of articles on women's issues, also alcoholism, prostitution, etc. Probably longest run in existence. All are the original publications.



WAR Comics

Group of 321 from the 1970s, all in very good complete condition. All different. Many titles & publishers.

$625. includes good packing, shipping, insurance.

Sunday Comics/Newspapers

Approximately 10,000 different complete issues of "Topeka Daily Capitol" (Kansas) 1919-1950, bound in 160 huge folio books. Includes about 1,250 Sundays, each with Sunday color comics (1919-1936 are one-color; 1936-1950 full color). ALSO 1,000s headlines & illustrations for WW II, Sports, Movies, Criminals, Disasters, etc. Also 1,000s interesting illustrated ads. All good condition. Approximately 2 tons & would fill 33 feet of large shelving.

$22,500. complete plus basic shipping/delivery.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Mint Set

Reference and Price Guides collection. 22 consecutive different circa 1973-1994 complete. 1975-1994 are in the most desireable original hardcover editions. All new condition, never used! Probably unique collection.


Comics Collection circa late 1980s--2004.

Approximately 2,500+ all different, filling eight long boxes, mostly in neat bags with white backing boards. All are new condition. Majority are Marvel, DC superheros but some other major publishers. Includes one full box of Batman. Many #1 issues, annuals, specials. One deceased man's collection. Some groups include: Wolverine/Ghost Rider, Strangers In Paradise, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, X-Statix, Robin, Fables, 'Nam etc, etc. None appear to have been even read. NICE.

$3,750. plus shipping