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Andrea Pietro De Zerega Oil Painting

Zerega, Andrea Pietro de: American Artist. Fine large oil painting prominently signed on back "Corcoran 1937/1938" in his hand. The painting is 30"" x 40'' in a thin wood frame. Apparently never damaged, repaired, cleaned & was well stored. Artist listed in many reference books. Guaranteed Authentic. Click to see picture

$12,500 includes careful packing in proper painting box, insurance, quick shipping.

Nathaniel C. Burwash Painting

Burwash, Nathaniel C.: American Artist. "Mother & Child" 1937, Signed. 1906-1947. Paintings held by various prominent museums. 17½" x 22½" net. Artist listed in various reference works. Guaranteed Authentic. WPA artist & instructor.

$5,500.00 includes careful packing, insurance, quick shipping.

Nathan Robbins Nautical Art

Robbins, Nathan: Artist. Pencil/Watercolor Painting entitled "W.H.Y. Hackett, (out of ) Portsmouth, N.H." showing yacht at full sail of that name, with Boone Island Lighthouse (in Maine near NH). Large 20" x 26" in original wood frame. Circa late 19th Century. Nice appearance; but, has some damp stain & insect damage. Guaranteed Authentic. Artist was a local attorney and is listed in various reference works. Other works unknown. Hackett was a prominent local shipbuilder and this was his personal craft.


Jean Lamont Dell

Group of 123 original watercolors & other original works circa 1940s to 1960s. Includes landscapes, greeting card art, book illustration. Lived in Connecticut. Various sizes up to 2'. Mostly loose, some mounted in mats. Mostly nice, clean condition. Many are signed, some not. She painted in varying styles.


ELSIE the Borden Cow

Original illustration art signed by famed Walter Early. Elsie has prim schoolteacher's outfit, apple & blackboard with few French words. Beautiful coloring. Art is 5" square with wide original margins on artists' board, circa 1940s. In fine original condition.

$5,500.00 guaranteed authentic and as described. Rare opportunity.

Enrico Valory Oil Painting

Fine signed large oil painting in original gold leaf frame 3¼" thick & almost perfect condition! Canvas is 29" x 39", frame 38" x 48". Tiny 1" straight tear to canvas, bottom right only. Could use cleaning; but is in excellent condition.


Andrew Jackson, New Orleans hero. N. Currier

Rare N. Currier (later Currier & Ives) "Gen. Andrew Jackson, The Hero of New-Orleans" 'Lith. Pub by N. Currier, 2 Spruce St. NY' Wonderful portrait of Gen. Jackson in full military uniform & highly decorated saddle & blanket on his bucking horse with battle ensuing in background. Orig hand colored lithograph circa 1840s (not dated). 10" x 14" Rare for original 12" x16" wood frame with original backing board and original handmade nails and hanger. Picture is in excellent condition with NO typical dampstains.

Rare thus $2,500.00

Mabel Key Paintings

Pair of matching Mabel Key floral watercolor paintings. One signed "Mabel Key July 1917". Each painting is 20"x40" vertical with matching original 2½" frames. One has full seal on back (the signed one). Both in excellent condition.

$45,000 for both


New Hampshire Antique Wooden Trunks

2 small dome-top wood trunks approximately 225-250 years old from same colonial-era New Hampshire attic. Smaller is 21" long x 9" tall with original red pain when found contained books. The largest part of original crafted lock present. Larger is 24" long x 11" tall with remnants of original Colonial wallpaper. Rare opportunity to buy genuine early Americana cheap at $2,500. for both.


Boston 17th Century Antique Pewter Inkwell / Inkstand

Inkstand, Pewter, 17th Century, Boston area origin. 7 1/8" x 4¾" x 2" tall with 2 finely hinged doors. Skilled workmanship. Lacks interior inkwell; but, another loose original piece is present. 4 Jacobian feet, all original & in very good condition! As with many early American metal items, no maker's mark.

Make offer. Told at Antiques Roadshow type event could be worth $650,000.

Microscopical Slide Cabinet

Late 19th Century MICROSCOPICAL SLIDE CABINET of mahogany, containing 1,328 identified glass slides dating 1889-1891 (those that are dated). Labels show info such as makers, specimen names; all 1" x 3" in 74 drawers in cabinet 19" wide, 23" tall, 14" front-to-back. Wood-framed front glass locking door. Cabinet lacks 2 pieces wood, easily replaceable. Items include: fluke worm from shark, submarine pseudo-scorpion, human body louse, parasite of black antelope, Negro skin, kangaroo hair, zebra hair, liver of California lion, mummy cloth, etc. Very large collection for this type of cabinet.