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First Edition

Rare true first printing of "A Christmas Carol... Being A Ghost Story of Christmas" by Charles Dickens. London: Chapman & Hall 1843. (Blue and Red title page, blue half title, "Stave I"). Bound in a fine signed Riviere binding with inner gilt. Four color plates + four woodcuts all by John Leech. The entirety in incredibly fine clean condition. Own the Finest.

$500,000.00 (Half Million$)

"Inventions, Researches & Writings of Nikola Tesla" Unique.

"With Special Reference To His Work In Polyphase Currents and High Potential Lighting" by Thomas Commerford Martin. Editor: The Electrical Engineer; Past-President American Institute Electrical Engineers 1894 The Electrical Engineer, New York. 1st Edition. Frontis portait. 496 pp inci. 3-pp Index. Numerous black/white text illustrations. Prominently SIGNED in ink by Tesla on half title page: fully guaranteed. Early owner signature of V.G. Converse on 1st blank & same name in stamp on upper right corner of title page. Original light orange cloth binding worn. Contents clean, tight, complete. Original edges un-trimmed. Format 6"xl0" Research has found no other copies of the 1st Edition, even un-signed.

$1,000.000. (One Million$)

Alcoholics Anonymous.

Group of 13 scarce early publications: 2 early AA Books:

1) 1945 1st Edition, 8th Printing in original red/yellow/black dust jacket. Works Publishing Inc., NYC. Original dark blue cloth binding very good condition; dust jacket good with few chips off top spine & back panel.
2) 1951 1st Edition, 14th Printing. Book and dust jacket about Fine condition!

ALSO 11 early softcover publications, all Fine Condition and complete, no duplicates.
5 issues "AA Grapevine" all in year 1949
2 issues "AA Forecast" both in 1949
4 issues "Alcohol Hygiene" 1945-1946


Oxford Group Book (Seminal to Alcoholics Anonymous):

"I WAS A PAGAN" by V.C. Kitchen. London, 1934. 1st Edition. Rare. Inscribed by the author neatly in front. Dedication page: "To the Oxford Group, That Disciplined Army of Life Changes Who Gave New Meaning To My Life & New Direction To Its Purpose". Fine condition with original dust jacket. Little information exists on this important early work. Guaranteed authentic and as described.

$5,500. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

Chinese / Japanese / Korean Art Book Collection

Chinese/Japanese/Korean Art Book Collection: 101 different quality art books of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean origin. Published throughout past 20th Century. Published in the Orient & USA. Mostly English language. Over half are large, fancy folio coffee table type books for the rich. Would fill 7-8 feet shelf. Subjects include: prints, paintings, sculpture. jade. Netsuke, caves, ceramics. All clean. nice condition in original bindings.


Amazing collection of 5,000 different softcover books, published 1940~1972.

In storage for 33 years! Many are pristine, like new, with full original shiny covers! All are complete as published with full covers and were privately bought and collected. Mostly men's interest, including: Adult, Mysteries (Jim Thompson, too!), Science Fiction, Lesbianism, Slaves & Masters, Adventure, WWII Horrors, Teen Delinquency, Beat/Hip. The majority are 1st Editions! Many different publishers include: Avon, Gold Medal, Lion, Nightstand, Late Hour, Leisure, Dell, Kozy, Lancer, Playtime, Private, Brandon House, Compass, Graphic, etc. Lots of famous authors using pseudonyms (e.g., Harlan Ellison is well represented). Majority have girl art covers, including Bill Ward. In dry storage, neatly packaged for past 1/3 century! Will fill a van.


Jack Kerouac Book Collection

9 Books including 6 1st editions (one with Kerouac inscription!). 1sts are "On the Road", 1957 hardcover + inscribed first soft cover of(see photos); also "Dharma Bums", "Visions of Cody" and 1st soft covers: "Pic", "Subterraneans", "Tristessa". All very good and/or fine condition. Rare Opportunity.


Edward GOREY Book Collection

8 books circa 1958--1976, of which 7 are true 1st Editions. 3 of the 1st Editions are Inscribed by Gorey in his very neat hand. 5 are hardcover (4 with original dust jackets). Condition about very good throughout. Titles: "Alvin Steadfast on Vernacular Island", "Awdrey-Gore Legacy", "Broken Spoke", "Curious Sofa", "Epilectic Bicycle", "Hapless Child", "Fatal Lozenge", "Object-Lesson".

Reasonable $2,250. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.

Grey, Zane

2 sets of Zane Grey's Works in matching blue/red/ivory cloth bindings produced in the 1950s. All in very nice, clean condition & look great. Format 5½" x 7½" on high quality paper & meant to last. 70 volume set includes scarce biography.

$1,500. Also, 61 volume set $1,250. No duplicate titles in either set. 7½ & 6½ feet of shelf.

"The FBI Story: A Report to the People" by Don Whitehead

Foreword by J. Edgar Hoover, 1956, 3rd printing. Inscribed neatly in ink on 1st blank flyleaf: "To Mr. & Mrs. James Parks. With warm personal regards J. Edgar Hoover Jan. 1957". THEN, just under the above, also in a prominent ink signature; "Clyde Tolson" (!). Perhaps unique to find both signatures together anywhere! Tolson was Hoover's longtime companion.

$8,500. net includes careful packing, insurance, shipping. Fully guaranteed authentic.

Art and Practice of Landscape Gardening.

Milner, Henry Ernest: "ART AND PRACTICE OF LANDSCAPE GARDENING." London: 1890. 1st Edition. Folio 9½"x12½". With 22 Plans & Illustrations. Handmade Paper. Original dark green cloth binding. Condition very good, complete. Scarce.



Stoker, Bram
Hardcover. New York : (1932). 1st Modern Library Edition, so stated by the publisher. FINE condition, no dj. Original dark green & gilt cloth binding. Small neat rubberstamp "Retailed by Macy's" on title page. Rare.


JAZZ, American Music: 3 Rare Books

JAZZ, American Music: 3 rare books. 1) "American Jazz Music" by Wilder Hobson, NY 1939. 1st Ed. photos. Condition very good; dust jacket has damp mark on back. 2) "The Real Jazz" by Hugues Panassie, NY 1942. 1st Am. Ed. Condition very good; dust jacket very good, too. 3) "History of Jazz In America" by Barry Ulanov. NY 1952. 1st Edition. Condition very good, no dust jacket.

$2,500 includes shipping, insurance, careful packing.

The Faerie Queen

Spenser, Edmund: "THE FAERIE QUEEN" London: 1751. 3-vol. set, quarto. 1st Engish Edition. Original calf & gilt bindings. 2 covers separated, minor chips; interiors fine, clean, complete. 32 interesting-subject double-page copperplate engravings. A handsome and scarce set.

$12,500. postpaid, insured, properly packed.

Bible Bibliography, World's Largest: "The BIBLE, Texts & Translations of the Bible & the Apocrypha & Their Books From the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints".

Complete set of 5 folio volumes including full Index. 3,455 pages in mini print (easy to read without magnifying glass) with annotated descriptions of 63,000 Bibles & related, from early manuscripts to printed books up to 1955. Includes descriptions of all known English language editions as well as those in 700 other languages. All items included from Library of Congress, American Bible Society, etc. Published 1980 on 'permanent book paper'. Handsome maroon binding with gilt. Weighs 36 lbs.

$2,500 includes shipping, insurance, and double wall box

1st American Book Illustrated with a Photograph "Homes of American Statesmen: With Anecdotal, Personal & Descriptive Sketches"

"Homes of American Statesmen: With Anecdotal, Personal & Descriptive Sketches" 'By Various Writers'. New York: Putnam & Co.: 1854. 1st Edition. Frontispiece is an original mounted-in Crystallotype (calotype) identified in pencil below it (as in all copies): "Hancock House (Boston), an original sun picture". The photograph is in perfect condition & clear & un-faded. In a fine gilt & brown leather binding with "silk on the covers was worn as a girdle on one of Mrs. Low's dresses...bound here as a memorial of her...". The binding is in fine condition; but, the silk is rubbed & worn on both covers. 6" x 8½" format. Rare.

$7,500. includes careful packing, shipping insurance. Guaranteed as described.

Wilson, Edmund Book Collection:

Rare book collection of 22 different titles dating 1926-1960s, of which 15 are true 1st Editions. All very good condition in original bindings, no dust jackets.

$2,100. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

Civil War, American, Rare Book: Rhymed Tactics

"Rhymed Tactics" by 'Gov' (John A. Godfrey). Published NYC 1862. 144 pages + 9 plates. Original pictorial wraps binding. Only one other copy known to exist of this rare 1st edition. Content is instruction on military tactics, with pertinent illustrations, in poetry form!

$2,000 includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

Merck’s Manual of the Materia Medica

'A Ready-Reference Pocket Book for the Practicing Physician'. NY: 1899. The rare 1st Edition. Condition very good, clean, tight, complete as issued by Merck in its original sturdy black cobbled cloth on good paper. Shows little use. Fully guaranteed to be the authentic book. Bonus includes merck's modern reproduction volume for comparison.

Rare opportunity for $17,500. Includes shipping via overnight safe, insured delivery.

Manual of Operation for the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator/Annals of the Computation Laboratory of Harvard University, Volume One

Published by Harvard University Press, 1946
Important Early Computer Book by Staff of The Computation Laboratory and James Bryant Conant. Harvard University Press: 1946. 8"x11"x2" thick. 561 pp complete with 17 photographic plates & numerous text illustrations. Index + 59-pp bibliography of over 1,000 related works! Highly technical text is a challenge even now! Condition good in original dark blue cloth binding. Rare, only small amount issued.

$17,500. Net includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.

"The Scarlet Letter", 1st ED., 1st Printing

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Published by Ticknor, Reed & Fields, 1850
First printing with no preface and the word "reduplicate" on page 21. Title printed in red. Contents are on pp 3/4. Includes March 1, 1850 ads. Has rare, authentic, original first-state, black-embossed cloth binding with gilt spine. No chips, no foxing, but with minor stains. Otherwise, very good condition, tight, complete as issued. 4½" x 7¼".


Barnum, P.T., "Struggles & Triumphs: or 40 Years Recollections of P.T. Barnum"

Written By Himself. Author's Edition. Buffalo, N.Y.: Courier Co.: 1878. With 33 full-page wood engravings complete. Signed "Compliments of P.T. Barnum" on paper originally attached in with title page + potrait. Original dark brown cloth binding worn, contents tight, lacks blank back endpaper. also auction ad included showing another signed Barnum book with facsimilie. Guaranteed authentic as described.


Bible, Latin, 1574

Bible, Latin. 1574: "Biblia Ad Vetustissima Exemplaria Nunc recens castigata, In Quibus. Praeter Ea Quae..." Venice (Italy) Haeredes Nicolai Bevilaquae & socios. Edited by Johannes Hentenius. Being the Louvain version of the Vulgate Bible. 1,126 pp complete + additional duplicate pages. Wood engraved pictorial title & 100s wood engravings throughout. Original full vellum binding intact, with some minor splits & some internal browning. 6" x 8¼" x 2¼" thick.



Martin Luther 16th Century English Books

Martin LUTHER. 16th & early 17th Century original publications in English. All below as a lot & bound in 2 similar: but gilded differently, full vellum bindings circa 1840s. Both bindings created by "Sevan" for a rich client. Both have finely incised gold work on all 3 edges plus gold work around the bindings. Both have a gold lion figure on the front cover &: "Nobilis IRA". Gilded leather spine labels. Both close to 5½"x7½" & thick. Both were sold at Sotheby's in 1847. The original catalog entries are included. Both have one finely; and, very different from each other, full-color illuminated manuscript leaf made for the book, with signature "H.M.S.S." in the fronts. Both near fine condition, tight, complete. Both in old Black Letter print.

1) "A Commentarie or Exposition Upon Two Epistles generall of Saint Peter and that of Saint Jude. First faithfully gathered out of the Lectures and Preachings of that Worthie Instruments in Goddes Church, Doctour Martin Luther; and, now out of Latin. For the singular benefite and comfort of the godlie, familiarlie translated into Englishe by Thomas Newton" London: Abraham Veals: 1581. 344 pp on 172 numbered sheets. In same volum: "A Commentarie of M. Doctor Martin Luther upon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians, First collected and gathered word by word, out of this preaching; and, now out of Latin Faithfully translated into English for the unlearned..." London: 1603: Richard Field.

2) "Luther, Fore Runners or a Cloud of Witnesses, gathered together in the Historie of the Walenses for who diverse 100 years before Luther sucessfully opposed Popery... and sealed it with their blood. Being most grievously persecuted; and, many thousands of them martyred, by the tyrannie of the Man of sinne and his superstitious adherents and cruel instruments..." Collected by I.P.P.1., Translated out of French by Samson Lennard. London: Nathaniel Newbery: 1624, 458 pp in 4 separately paged parts, AND WITH: "Look Beyond Luther: Or an Answere to That Question. so often and so insultingly proposed by our Adversaries. asking us Where This out Religion was before Luthers time? Whereto are added sound props to Beare up honest-hearted Protestants. that they fall not from their saving-faith" by Richard Bernard of Batcome in Sommersetshire (all works by this author are exceedingly rare). London: Felix Kyngston. Sold by Edmund Weaver at his shop at the great North-doors of Paul's: 1623, 56 pp.

The Entirety $52,000.


Ferrario, Giulio
Milan, Italy: various dates in 1820s & 1830s. 21 thick vellumbound beautiful folio volumes with 1,500+ beautiful full & double-page original hand-colored costume and scenic plates. Original bindings mostly very good condition & not much foxing inside. XLibrary; but, no spine or plate marks.


Signed and Inscribed Books Collection

Collection of about 1,200 books all signed by their authors circa mid-1800s to 1990s. Many subjects of non-fiction & fiction. The majority have original dust jackets and in top condition. Authors are famous and not. No list currently; but, priced right wholesale at $26,500. Instant Collection!


Canada Royal Society: Proceedings & Transactions of

Canada Royal Society: Proceedings & Transactions of: Published at Ottawa in English language. 20 mostly thick volumes dating between 1901--1923. Many long works inside on remote Canadian exploration, travel, history, literary, scientific, & the like. Much concerns 17th & 18th century exploration. Profusely illustrated with maps and pictures. Quality paper. Small library bookplate inside covers, no other ownership markings. 4 feet of shelf. Generally very good condition.

$1,000. Includes shipping, insurance

Mrs. Dalloway

Woolf, Virginia New York, 1928. Hardcover. Woolf, Virginia: 1st Modern Library Edition: (so stated). In very good original cobbled flex covers with gilt. No dust jacket.


Duck Decoy & Bird Carving Books

Duck Decoy & Bird Carving Books: 17 good mostly oversize color illustrated published 1960s to early 1990s. 13 are 1st editions. Includes "American Bird Decoys" signed 1st edition by McKey. All very good condition, most with original very good dust jackets.


Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book

Lincoln, Mrs D.A.
Roberts Bros., Boston. Hardcover. 1st Edition. "Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cookbook: What To Do & What Not To Do In Cooking." Boston: Roberts Bros.: (1885). by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln (Fanny Farmer was part of the Boston Cooking School at that time). 1st Edition 2nd year of publication. 536 pp with index + ads, illustrations. Original woman owners name and 1885 date. Original dark brown cloth & marbled boards binding.

Condition about very good, lightly used. $1,400. Also another in original dark green 1888 for $1,200. Both $2,500.

Supreme Court, U.S. Cases/Reports

60 bound volumes, starting with Volume 1, up to 1915, in original thick leather bindings + Supplement Volumes 1-5. Bindings poor, all contents fine, clean, complete. 16 feet of shelf.


Western Americana: Hubert H. Bancroft's works

Rare, complete original 39-volume set printed by him in San Francisco 1883-1890, with many thick, self-contained volumes: Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Alaska, Indians, etc. Matching original brown cloth bindings, filling 7½ feet shelf. All bindings good condition; but, once exposed to mildew; contents all like new, including the maps. Complete sets are rare.


York County, Maine: Early Deed Records

Rare 19-volume complete set entitled YORK DEEDS covering entire most important Maine county from beginning in 1690 through 1737, published at Portland 1887-1910 in sufficient quantity only for public institutions of Maine; but, this is a rare private set with no markings. Beautiful bright brown leather & marbled boards bindings with red gilt labels & all in very good condition. Fills about 4 feet of shelf. Apparently only this 1st Edition published.

$7,500. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.

Celia Thaxter/Oscar & Albert Laighton/Isles of Shoals, NH

Nice group of 18 hardcover books primarily by these 3 authors & about the Shoals, including 8 1st Editions. Dates 1859--1935. Includes 1 signed by Celia's brother Oscar & 1899 "Songs From Appledore" has rare original dust jacket. Generally very good condition.

$3,500. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.

Classical Music - Bound Volumes

231 folio bound volumes Sheet Music of Famous Composers. Published 1969 -- 1991. High quality publishing on quality paper and sturdy attractive bindings. Mostly published by Garland, Arno, Editio Musica. Some are polyglot. Extensive series in multiple volumes of: Bach, Gottscholk, Liszt, Schonberg, Spohr. Also, subject series: Symphony 1720 -- 1840, Early Romantic Opera, London Pianoforte School 1766 -- 1860 etc. All folio size (12" to 15" tall). 18 feet of shelf. Most like new condition. All privately purchased new by one owner and show no use.

$7,500 plus shipping.

Exploratory Travels Through the Western Territories of North America

"Exploratory Travels Through the Western Territories of North America: Comprising A Voyage From St. Louis On the Mississippi, To the Source Of That River, and A Journey Through the Interior of Louisiana.Performed in the years 1805, 1806, 1807, by Order of the Governor of the United States," Zebulon Pike, Major 6th Regiment, U.S. Infantry. London: 1811 1st English Edition. Includes 2 maps: 'Louisiana & New Mexico' etc. In an early and attractive leather and boards binding. Fine condition throughout. 8 1/2"x11" format, 436 pp complete.


Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician Enlarged" 'WithRules for Compounding Medicine according to the true System of Nature.'

Culpeper, Nicholas: "Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician Enlarged" 'WithRules for Compounding Medicine according to the true System of Nature.' London: Richard Evans: 1815. Rare quarto (8.5" x 11") edition with ALL 40 plates of 400+ original hand-colored herb plants + 402 pp text, index. Beautiful early full leather binding with giltwork. This large edition is rare, especially when complete.


The Kachinas are Coming: Pueblo Indian Kachina Dolls with Related Folktales

Hardcover. 1st Edition. Los Angeles: Steller-Millar: 1936 by Gene Meany Hodge, Forward by Dr. Frederick Webb Hodge, Director of Southwest Indian Museum, Los Angeles California. 1st Edition. Folio in original brown cloth binding. 18 color plates complete. Condition very good. Rare.


L'Amour, Louis: Collection of 110 Different Softcover Books

L'Amour, Louis: Collection of 110 Different Softcover Books All By Him Circa 1950s - 1990s. Includes 44 Different 1st Ppb. Eds. Condition good - mint, all complete as issued. Bonus: autobiography 1st Ed. hardcover.

$1,025.00 includes shipping, insurance, careful packing.

Cookbook Collection

78 rare books, most printed in the 1800s. 43 are first Editions. All original hardcover bindings. All in English language except one.

$12,500. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing in U.S.A. 4-page list $2.00 ppd.

Novels/Fiction: Hardcover Book Collection

Collection of 21,000+ desirable previously-owned hardcover books circa past 200 years of American & British authors primarily. All in English language. Thousands are 1st Editions & 1,000s have original dust jackets. Includes 1,000s Classics as well as popular authors & titles & quality lesser-known. Fills over 1,000 feet of shelving!

$125,000. plus reasonable delivery costs. Can pack & ship overseas.

Lionel Edwards Picture Book Collection:

10 different mostly circa 1922--1928 of beautifully illustrated books by Edwards; mostly quarto large size. All but one are full-color, usually tipped-in/mounted plates. Fine publications of quality paper and bindings. All true 1st Editions or 1st Americans. Bindings red, blue, green rich looking. All books fine condition & complete. Neat bookplate & small embossing in front of each of same collector. Titles include: "The Fox", "Over the Grass", "Scattered Scarlet", "Hunting Sketches", etc. Rare Opportunity.

$3,500. net includes careful packing, insurance, shipping.

Danielle Steel Collection

Danielle Steel Collection. Set of 40 different hardcover books, all she wrote before year 1998, except one title. Many are 1st editions, & all but one have their original nice dust jackets. All books near new condition!

Price $1500. Includes shipping, insurance, good packing of boxes.

Edward Rowe Snow Collection

Snow, Edward Rowe
Collection of 17 different hard cover books. 1946-60s. 12 are first editions. ALSO, 4 are signed by Snow. All near new condition. All illustrated. Sample titles: True Tales of Burried Treasure, True Tales of Pirates and Their Gold, Secrets of North Atlantic Islands, etc.


Mystery Novel Collection

Hardcover. Book Condition: Fair. Mysteries: Circa 50-125 years old. Group of 600 different of most desirable authors and others, all in original hardcover bindings. Some are 1st editions. Some illustrated. Small amount have dust jackets. Condition varies. Great readers collection.

$2,500 +basic shipping. (Many boxes).

Social Sciences Book Collection

Social Sciences Book Collection: Over 1500 mostly different from past 200 years. Primarily hardcover, many with dust jackets. No school or religion. Includes professional, scholarly, popular works: Sociology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Education, Economics, Politics. Many are 1st/best editions in their fields. All good to new condition. All in English language. Would fill at least 75 feet of shelving. Lots of good surprises to be found.

$9,000 + basic freight.

Children's Books

Large collection of over 6,000 books from late 1700s to 1960s. Includes most everything imaginable published during this long period, such as: lots of nice illustrated books of various sizes, boys'/girls' series, small books, readers, odd items, etc., etc. Accumulated by a teacher over many years with a view to opening a store; but, never did. No catalog; but, a great bargain for an entrepreneur or instant collection. Fills about 100 boxes!

$26,000. plus basic delivery expenses.

Barbara Cartland paperback book Collection

Soft cover. Book Condition: Very Good. Barbara Cartland paperback book collection: 122 different books! All in very good condition, purchased new by one avid collector 1960s--1980s.

$500. Includes shipping, insurance costs.

Western Fiction

372 hardcover books originating late 1800s to about 1950. About 50 running feet of shelf! Includes Zane Grey & many other great & lesser Western writers. Some: are 1st Editions, have dust jackets, illustrated (sometimes by famous artists & some in color). Condition varies from poor to fine. A wonderful collection of readers editions, with character.


Science Fiction Paperbacks

Group of 2,000 circa 1950s--present. All with full original covers. Mostly different. Includes many 1st Editions. 100s authors. Condition fair to mint.


Science Fiction Collection

Science Fiction: 350 different hardcover SciFi novels from 1970s & 1980s mostly. All in fine condition and most have fine original dust jackets, too. Lots of titles by the most well known authors & others. All are bookclub issued; but, some are 1st Editions. A beautiful collection, carefully preserved.

$2,000. plus basic shipping costs.

Motion Picture Players

Oliviero, Jeffrey 1991. Movies Reference Book: "Motion Picture Players" Credits Worldwide pefromers from 1967 through 1980 with filmographies of their entire career 1905-1983. Over 1,000 pages, oversized book. Includes TV credits with personal and manager contact information.

Originally issued at $145, we have new copies available at $65. postpaid, insured in US. 3 for $175.

Sandra Brown Novels - Janet Dailey Novels

41 Sandra Brown and 9 Janet Dailey paperback romance novels from 1980s & 1990s. All different, all like new condition.

Collection $250

Nurse Novels - Nurse Stories

Nurse paperback novels: 126 different from 1960s. All like new condition with art covers. Most appear to be 1st Am. Editions. Published by Harlequin Romance / Mills + Boon at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Collection $500.

German Military Aviation 1937-1945

German Military Aviation 1937-1945. 8 folio books on Bombers, straffers, weapons, photography, production (2 of 1943-1944 showing all kinds of production records). Also 1938 yearbook. Some appear near unique. Average size 8" x 12" and pile is 6" tall. Original flexible covers. All very good condition. Variously illustrated with drawings, photographs and charts.


Jessie Willcox Smith Collection

Smith, Jessie Willcox: Collection of 13 different full-color illstd. children's books dating 1904--1940. Includes 6 1st Editions: "Princess & the Goblin" 1920 with rare orig. dust jacket; "At the Back of the North Wind" 1919; "Child's Book of Famous Stories" 1940; "Child's Book of Old Verses" 1910; "Child's Stamp Book of Old Verses" 1915; "In the Closed Room" 1904. Condition good to fine. Sizes up to folio. Fills 1½ feet of shelf.

$2,500. complete includes postage, insurance, careful packing.

Paul Theroux Collection

Theroux, Paul
Collection of 26 different scarce books by him 1968-1998 (Includes most titles written). Includes 1st British Edition of author's first book ("Waldo" 1968). Also 5 extras - 31 total books. 18 are 1st Editions, of which 5 are SIGNED and of which 2 are LIMITED SIGNED. ("My Secret History" #57 of 150 and "London Snow" #285 of 450). 26 have original dust jackets. Mostly very good and fine condition; but 2 are xlibrary; and, one is a 1st Ed. paperback ("Fong & the Indians").

Unusual Collection: $2,750 includes shipping, insurance.

Auto Repair Books Library

Auto Repair Books Library: Professionals very lightly used collection of 131 manuals for American & imported cars and trucks1981--1998. Included are 73 large, heavy hardcover books that cost $150 or more each new, with up to 2,000 pages per book published for professionals by MoToR etc.(not the kind found in bookstores). The books cover all mechanics & electricals of all popular domestic & foreign cars. Includes 41 more on Subaru 1985--1991. Fills 22 feet of shelf.

Original cost over $12,000, but available for $5,500 to close estate.

Nautical/Ships & the Sea

476 different books from one home circa early 1800s to near present. Most are hardcover, non-fiction, 1st Editions, very good condition. Sizes up to large folios. Many subjects: Disasters, Pirates, Passenger Ships, Construction, Yachting, Canals, Navy, History, Repair, Narratives, Exploration & the like.

A nice group for a reasonable $9,500 + basic shipping costs.


"Encyclopedia Britannica" sets: 3 complete, recent, like-new-condition sets of 30 to 32 vols. each. No names or markings, showing no use! All are current "Britannica 3" or 15th Edition (same thing).

1990 Set $1,250.
1986 Deluxe Leatherbound $1,250.
1984 Set $850.

Reference, Bibliography, & Books About Books

National Union Catalog of All Books, Manuscripts, Magazines, Pamphlets, Etc., acquired by Library of Congress from 1942 to 1972, including items back to Medieval origin. Huge 367-volume set complete. All are quality hardcover cloth books printed on 300-year paper. All 8½"x11½". Ex-library with neat spine & small title page stamps; but, virtually un-used condition throughout! Contains a huge quantity of information for fast identification. The average book weighs 4lbs., so set weighs about ¾ ton. Includes all items acquired by the L of C, not just American origin. The overall set is comprised of 7 sub-sets, each in a different color buckram binding; but, all with close appearance to conform otherwise. Would fill 53 feet of shelf.

$5,000 plus reasonable delivery costs.

British Museum Catalogue of Printed Books To 1975

Incredible Bibliography of over 4,000,000 books! Published 1967--1980 in 37 Quarto Miniprint Volumes includes every word of the some 400 original volumes. The equivalent Library of Congress Catalog only contains about 25% of the items herein described, acquired from the 1700s to 1975. Includes virtually every British publication since the beginning of printing, plus American, etc., all in alphabetical order for easy use. Set fills over 6 feet of shelf; and, has rich appearance in gilt stamped blue matching cloth bindings & quality paper. Un-used condition, as new. Rare opportunity--limited production.


Antiquarian Lawbooks

Antiquarian Lawbooks: Important collection of owner-signed lawbooks of famous American historical persons. Group of 191 (circa 1805-- 1865) that were the working books of famous Americans during this period. Some books came down through famous owners, others and have more than one signature (none signed by book authors). There are over 300 good signatures in all. Signature counts include: 60 Rufus Choate, 22 C.P. Huntington (founder Central Pacific Railroad), 163 Charles Levi Woodbury (a few appear to be of his more-famous father Levi Woodbury) plus others. All in original full leather bindings, but while all contents are in very good condition, bindings are mostly bad. Signatures mostly on blank endpapers or inside front covers. Contents are English & American law, on good paper, mostly scarce or rare. 15 cubic feet of books in 10 large full boxes.

$12,775. Includes shipping, insurance in USA.

Doc Savage: Kenneth Robeson

True 1st Editions of 2 earliest Doc Savage hardcover books by Kenneth Robeson, both 1933 "Man of Bronze" + "Quest of the Spider" 'A Doc Savage Novel 25¢' Street & Smith 'Ideal Library' NYC 5½" x 7½" Both are very good, complete condition.


Babysitters Club Book Collection

Collection of 198 all different 1980s and 1990s. All by Ann M. Martin. Many are 1st Editions. Mostly very good conditions and complete as issued. Includes 81 of original series, 72 of Babysitters Little Sister and 45 of 8 others.


Catholic Book Collection

400 are different books from the past 40 years, in mostly new condition. All English language. Includes groups by important writers: Paul Tournier, Max Picard, Victor Frankl, Ramano Guardini, John Henry Newman, George Maloney, etc. Cheap. Bonus: 4 boxes Catholic Videos, CDs etc.


Dr. Who Book Collection

248 different books circa 1980s + 1990s mostly. Includes 7 scarce oversize reference and picture books + 14 "Dr. Who" magazines. Mostly very good and new condition, all complete as issued. Would fill 12 feet shelf. Some issues series include: "New Dr. Who Adventures"; "Dr. Who Missing Adventures"; 'Target Editions' (1980s). "Dr. Who BBC Books", etc. 9 are hardcover.


Softcover Paperback Books

Become a Paperback/Softcover Bookseller. For a onetime investment of $200,000, we will provide you 100,000 good used Paperbacks from the past 65 years of the most desirable types & authors (includes rare and collectible types in quantity, as well as all salable subjects), PLUS startup support to effectively create a profitable long-term business in your location. Instant business, low startup cost, turn over when you want to move on or run for a lifetime!


Book Stock & Reserve

Stock consists of 250,000+ desirable out-of-print/scarce/rare Books, Comics, Magazines, Paper Items & the like; originating from 3 centuries & much of it not seen in circulation for 25+ years. 100s subjects. Many thousands of books, etc. that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. Rare opportunity.


$4,000,000. ($4 million) complete. [9m+Potential] Door-to-door delivery arrangements easily made. Support Services available with purchase for up to one year without charge. Contact John W. Foster

Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction: 350+ different hardcover SciFi novels from 1970s and 1980s mostly. All in Fine condition and most have original dust jackets too. Lots of titles by the most well known authors and others. All are SciFi Bookclub issued; but, some are 1st Editions. A beautiful collection, carefully preserved. No list made; but wholesale priced at $2,000 + shipping

$2,000 + shipping

George Armstrong Custer

CUSTER, GEORGE A.: Inscribed book via initials, at Arlington (SD or KS?) April 1 1876 (massacre was June 25, less than 3 months later). Inscription: "Dear Frank Do not forget your promise GAC" (See photos). In front of a strange book; "Gideon's Rock" by Katherine Saunders. 1871

$5,500 post paid, insured

Dornford Yates

Collection/Set of 31 volumes of Dornford Yates circa mid-1950s. Published at London by Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd. 29 contain original dust jackets over original red boards bindings. Lacks 4 to be a complete set; but, each present volume is complete. Condition: Very Good/VG with some minor foxing. Attractive, unusual appearance. Volumes measure 7 1/4" tall, fills 3 feet of shelf. Scarce.

$1,250. ppd, insured

Led Zeppelin band

Incredible big book: "Led Zeppelin... Live Dreams", 'A Photographer's Visual History of the Led Live Experience 1972--1977' by Laurence Rainer, Margaux Publ., Chicago (1992 or 1995) with three original flyers laid in. Boxed deluxe edition, size of a record album (LP) but 1" thick. Chrome aluminum metal sculpture attached on front. Very good clean condition.

$1,250. ppd, insured

American Western Indians

Nine different Bureau of American Ethnology reports 1886-1911. Five have multiple beautiful color plates of paintings, Apache Medicine Men, Tents, Costumes, Masks, Dolls, etc. plus hundreds of other b/w plates of everything indians. Volumes are all folio size, big and heavy, on quality paper, in original very good green cloth bindings. Group will include some bonus related volumes.

$2,200. plus shipping

Stephen King/"Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"

204 different issues. "Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" circa 1961-1985, including 11 complete years. All very good, complete condition. All stored in original publishers slip cases. This group contains the true 1st printings of Stephen King's "GUNSLINGER". Four of the five parts over a 4-year period, from 1978-1981, lacking only February 1981.

$1,500. everything