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Miscellaneous & Other Paper Lots

Adults-Only Erotica Collection

Adult Video Collection: 1,200 different, mostly dating 1970s~1999 (a few newer?). Most have their original picture boxes. All VHS. Classics and obscure. Professional and amateur. American & European, a few Oriental. Well known notorious "stars." At least 25 cartons. $9,950, + basic delivery costs. Must be 18+ age. Rare Opportunity.


Antique Honda Motorcycle

1983 Honda 450A Automatic (2 speed), travels fast and comfortable like bigger tour motorcycle but miserly on gas use - great for commuting or cross country). Only 3,000 miles! Stored in dry garage most of its 33-year existence. Currently registered with Antique license plate. Has original rollbar & backbar. Recent new chain, tire, seat, choke cable. Ready to go.


Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

1977 Honda Gold Wing 1,000cc motorcycle with only 583 original miles! In dry garage storage for the past 39 years! Black with gold trim. Classic machine, only 3rd year of manufacture. Ready to go. $12,500 net, take it away... Original owner selling.


Chrysler Coorporation Deluxe Wheel Set

Set of 5 Fancy Chrysler Town & Country late 1990s 16" Matching wheels (No tires). 4 appear new, 1 has few tiny nicks. Set cost approximately $2,000 new about 15 years ago.

Set $950.00

Guy Lombardo/Royal Canadians + Glen Gray/Casa Loma Orchestra

4 original mid-1930s Photos with many key signatures, all guaranteed authentic and period. 2 each 8"x10"s. 1 portrait of 4 Lombardo brothers, each signed above portrait & 8 Royal Canadian signatures on back. 1 individual portrait Guy Lombardo signed. + another 4 ½ " x 6 ½" of R.C. Band with 7 member signatures above their portraits. + Glen Gray Band Portrait with his signature + 5 Casa Loma band signatures. Few minor margin defects, Otherwise all very good condition.

$6,000 collection.

Miscellaneous Old Paper Collectibles

Miscellaneous Old Paper, etc. Collectibles: 75+ full boxes accumulated from estates, etc. for years past. Includes items other than books, dating 1700s--near present: trade cards, documents, lot sheet music, stamp collection, framed/rolled/flat prints & original art; old magazines of interest; postcards; gum cards for sports, TV shows; small antiques & odd items of interest and value; record albums; CDs; cassettes; videos; pamphlets; maps; comics; posters; movie & TV celebrity stuff; war & military paper; original photographs; Dick & Jane 1950s teaching items; catalogs; slides; sports stuff; interesting old newspapers; regional and travel paper items; business billheads; presidential campaign buttons & posters;old 8mm family & commercial films; auto sales brochures; etc., etc. Wonderful huge wholesale lot of many 1,000s of individual items.

$11,000 + basic freight.

Railroad Timetables

Large lot of 463 dating mid-1960s only, all in new, clean, un-used condition, representing 35 railroads of U.S., mostly of South, Southwest, West. Inculdes some duplicates. All about 4"x9" closed format. Varying number of pages. Attractive collectibles in wholesale group.


Beatles and Monkees Music Groups

BEATLES: Collection of 2,000+ pictures from 1960s fan magazines. Various sizes from small clippings to double pages. Color & black/white. $1500.

ALSO similar size collection of 2,000+ on MONKEES from 1960s, too. $1000.

Sheet Music Accumulation

Huge accumulation of over 29,000 genuine antique, mostly all different pictorial songsheets circa late 1800s--1950s. Mostly popular & show tunes. Condition varies; but, all complete with all covers and pages as originally issued. Mostly American origin. Wonderful opportunity for sheet music, antiques, print dealers or collector.

$20,000. Many boxes.

Music Folios

Music Folios (Oversize softcover books with more content than sheet music). 1000+ publications from past 175 years from Classical, Broadway Show, Movie, Western and Popular for use in many ways, including violin, piano, other instruments, and voice. Many rare. All good condition and not marked in. Pile over 10 feet tall!

$2,350 includes shipping, insurance.

Collection of Letters to Victor Stamm

Davies, Joseph E. (American Ambassador to Russia/Germany, last before WWII) COLLECTION OF LETTERS TO VICTOR STAMM: Collection in original album of original letters, etc. by him to Victor Stamm. All in English language circa Sept. 1936 through December 1937. Long letters are usually typed on Ambassador or hotel letterheads, signed. Includes: 36 Letters, 31 Telegrams, 21 Photos, 130 Newspaper articles about him; also few programs, menus, typed articles. One letter traveled on doomed ship Normandie in June 1937. Wonderful Russian Dirigible stamps & others. Letters are about War intrigues, meetings, crimes, disappearances of important people; and, his brokering of sales of Russian art and antiques to America & elsewhere to finance the iminent War with Germany. He wrote famous bestselling book, which became a movie: "Mission To Moscow". 3 different printings of the book included.

$15,000. includes shipping, insurance, good packing.

Rare Horror Movie VHS Collection

243 different in new condition of movies circa 1920's-1990's (manufactured 1980's + 1990's) majority by Sinister Cinema, + some Hammer Films, Something Weird etc. Most in pictorial clamshell cases, some white boxes; but all are the original packaging. 6 boxes.